Clipping Pathes DeepEtching

Deep-etching of product photos, commonly used in catalogue and online stores. 

So what is it exactly? Basically your isolating your product and showing it against white so that it looks stunning and very clean, we can add beautiful shadows too (if needed). 

We can also supply at various sizes , the trend seems to be a thumb nail which when clicked expands to a larger view, whatever format your designer needs we can supply, we are totally designer friendly! 

One of our clients  finds a PSD (Photo-shop-document) layered file with the product shadow on a seperate layer ( so he/she can decide later weather to use it or not) particularly useful, we are here to help! Just ask! Click the icon to look at a sample of this service

Colour Correction

Services include colour, contrast & sharpening adjustments, improvement of colour balance and colour saturation, conversion of images into new colour modes, colour correction of individual image elements or the whole thing as well as correct colour profiles for image uses (web, print)

A bit about Colour correction. lighting, and choice of cameras can cause a colour cast( often  bluish or yellowish.) Sometimes photographers and image editors use colour timing  to deliberately add colour casts to achieve an artistic effect which for you’re intended usage can be a problem, for instance if a product is to be deep-etched it looks visually different seen against white as surrounding colours in the original image have a huge impact on the eye and the object you are now isolating, you maybe didn’t notice the blue sky reflected in your chrome kettle  but now the sky has been removed your kettle looks blue, not chrome – time for some colour correction!

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Compositing – Masking

Compositing – Masking are techniques that used to be done in the darkroom by stripping bits of film together now easily achieved in photoshop. Basically you’re combining items from one image into another to create something brand spanking new . A common example we do all the time is stripping a view into  window in a lifestyle shot.  The nature of photography demands choices and often if you’re lighting to get the best detail in the interior you’re not going to get anything much in the window, but if you shoot one version for the interior and one for the exterior they can now be combined, and vol’a problem solved.

Accurate masking of objects, swapping of backgrounds to merge into a single image. Removal of unwanted image elements. Colour adjustments and retouching of image as required.

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Retouching & Image Manipulation

Retouching & Image manipulation of Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Stills, Portraits, Architecture, Hotels, Resorts,Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Furniture, Interior Design, Album Covers, Panoramamic’s (stitching), Celebrities, Automotive, Catalogue image preparation, Ghosting, Photo Restoration, Weddings. Everything!

Expert photoshop Video Tutorials on all aspects of image manipulation from a master with over thirty years on the job, sign up and subscribe!

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